Become a Scholarship Donor

Your scholarship support enables our students to focus on school.  Currently, 80% of them must work while attending school, and your help means our students can work less, enroll in more classes at once (increasing the likelihood that they will finish school), and dedicate more time to their studies.   Your help also decreases the amount of funds our students may otherwise need to borrow in student loans, so they are not saddled with debt just as they are getting their new careers off the ground.    

Furthermore, most of the students at Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College live and work locally during and after college.  Your scholarship support gives community members the opportunity to prosper, and our entire community thrives as a result.  

To make a gift to scholarships, please contact us for more information or donate online here

HOW A SCHOLARSHIP WORKS   Scholarships are awarded annually to students. Recipients may be entering from high school, continuing their studies at one of our colleges, or transferring to a four-year institution. Awards range from $200 – $2000 or higher.  Scholarship Committees at each of the colleges review the scholarship applications and select the award recipients based on the established criteria for each scholarship. Payments are made to recipients upon verification of enrollment at one of the SMCCCD colleges or at a transfer institution.

WAYS TO GIVE   To support our students through scholarships, you can make an immediate gift online.  You may also use cash, checks, stocks, bonds, real property,  an endowed fund, or a planned gift (bequest) to make your gift.  See our Ways to Give page or contact us for more information.

SUPPORT THE GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND   The San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to deserving students who most need the funding assistance. 

ESTABLISH A NEW SCHOLARSHIP FUND   If you are interested in establishing a scholarship to benefit students in a specific field of interest, major, department, or program, contact us for more information.  

SUPPORT THROUGH ENDOWED GIFTS   You can support scholarships or college programs by establishing an endowed fund, which means your gift will be permanently invested in the Foundation’s portfolio to produce a perpetual source of income that benefits students or programs for generations.  It is a great way to make a lasting impact.  

The minimum to establish an endowed fund is $20,000.  You may use cash, stocks, bonds or real property to make your gift, and you may make additional gifts to your endowed fund at any time.  The Foundation’s Investment Advisory Committee and paid portfolio managers manage the endowment investments.  Awards from the endowed fund are given annually based on the net interest income earned, and additional earnings are returned to the principal for fund growth.  For more information about endowed gifts, please contact us.