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Bluesky Lubricants

Welcome to BlueSky Lubricants

BlueSky Lubricants provides premium, environmentally conscious lubricating oils to the industrial, commerical, and manufacturing sectors. Developed by industry professionals with 88 years of downstream experience, BlueSky Lubricants is a response to a growing market  that is deprived of high end lubricants at considerably lower prices than OEM branded products. BlueSky is a brand aware of the consumer and real life experiences in industry offering genuine customer service, easy ordering capabilities, and convenient package sizes from 5 gallon pails to 330 gallon totes. Our products are made in the USA, but can be utilized around the world because we understand that we all enjoy living under the same BlueSky. Whether you are a small business on Main Street or an international company looking to replace your current, overpriced product, we are ready to help.
 Our product line includes, but not limited to:

Compressor Lubricants  |  Bearing Lubricants  |  Gear Lubricants

Hydraulic Oils  |  Environmentally Friendly Lubricants  |  Food Grade Lubricants